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Yoga Course Content for AYTTC

Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus Contents

1. Yoga philosophy

Covering the back ground  of Yoga, Pantanjali’s 8 Limbs to the Path of Enlightenment, Ayurveda &Yogic lifestyle(based on four principle of Yogachara-ahara,achar a,vihara & vichara) and include ethics for the Yoga teacher. Ayurveda & traditional texts ( Yoga sutra of Patanjali,Samkhya philosophy,Charka samhita, Bhagvada Gita etc.)

2. History of Yoga

Yoga- It’s Origins, Sacred Texts of Yoga, Branches of Yoga ,Yoga & Buddhism etc

3. Asana

  •  You will be introduce to  the authentic asna in more comfortable way in the supervision of    Yogacharya. Yogic postures comprise four hours of the daily schedule.
  • Covering the learning of technique, training and practice. Includes  principle of instruction, demonstration, observation, assisting/ correcting. Conscious training in concentration.

4. Shatkarma & Panchakarma Shatkarma (Yogic way of detoxification)

  • jala Neti
  • Sutra Neti
  • Dhauti (Vamana)
  • Nauli
  • Kapalabhati
  • Tratak

5. Panhakarma (Ayurvedic way of detoxification)

•    Vamana karma (Therapeutic emesis)

  • Virechana karma (Therapeutic purgation)
  • Anuvasana vasti (Oil/ unctuous enema)
  • Asthapana vasti (Decoction based enema)
  • Nasya karma (Nasal administration of medicaments).

6. Priciple of Morden  Ayurveda / Anatomy & physiology for Yoga

  • Covering both the understanding of conventional anatomy and physiology(bodily system, organs etc.) and Ayurveda physiology (kosha, prana, chakras, nadis etc.
  • An in depth study of posture, alignment, energetic and health benefits, adjustments, and modification.

7. Meditation

There are a variety of different methods for developing a successful meditation practice you will experience during this course.
Developing your skills as a meditation teacher is an important part of filling your classes with rich meaningful content. The power of meditation is significant.

8. Pranayama ( Yogic breathing ) & Mantra chanting

  • Learn the science of Yogic way of breathing for balancing your prana energy.
  • Feel the dynamic resonance of Vedic mantra chanting.

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