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21 Feb 2018

Immense benefits of Ayurveda Therapies

People all across the world now prefer to heal their body and mind through Ayurveda therapies. The very reason being Ayurvedic therapies are holistic in nature and work not just at physical level but also cure a person mentally, intellectually to ensure social well-being.

Ayurveda therapies are based on the theory of five elements which says that every single thing, living or non-living in this universe is made up of five basic elements and therefore all these have the potential to heal human body and act as a medicine. Secondly, what makes Ayurveda therapies so effective is the fact that all these therapies are customized as per human body and doshas prevailing in our body. Basically, there are three main doshas of Vata, Pitta, Kapha which determine our body actions and reactions. Any imbalance caused in these three doshas creates a state of dis-ease; Ayurveda therapists heal a person by understanding the doshas and recommending treatments accordingly.

This must have song exciting to many of the readers as even the digital world is talking a lot about Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Kashayadhara, Greeva Basti, Janu Basti, Kati Basti etc. These Ayurveda therapies are immensely beneficial in curing diseases like obesity, stress, gastric problems, immunity Problems, hairfall, paralysis and skin problems. No wonder, Ayurveda enthusiasts are keen to learn Ayurveda therapies from experts of Ayurveda and Panchakarma Science.

Ayuskama Ayurveda Rishikesh offer special courses for Ayurveda healing therapies. Training is conducted by our well qualified Ayurveda professionals, doctors & trainers. The course includes both theory & practical sessions.  Ayurveda therapist course include expert lectures, individual demonstrations and exposure of different Ayurveda therapies on trainees themselves.

The trainees are given an Ayurveda Therapist Certificate depending upon the attendance and successful completion of the course.

This is a four weeks course, 6 days a week, in which theory and practical knowledge is given to stduents about fundamentals of Ayurveda philosophy, basic principles of Ayurveda, Prakriti (body type) analysis: principles and practice and also about herbs for primary health care Students also get to see the practical sessions of Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments given at our Institute to patients and people. Student can also join in our Yoga, meditation, mantra chanting, pranayama classes in their free time.

To know details about the course fee and dates; browse

14 Feb 2018

Dos and Don’ts for Yoga Sadhana

Yoga is one of the most beneficial practices and not just for your body but also for the heart and mind. Yoga practitioners are emotionally and intellectual more stable, calm and cheerful. Yoga is one of those regimes that keep you healthy as well as happy. No wonder, the whole world is falling in love with Yoga.
As more and more people start joining yoga classes or yoga training courses and retreats, we enlighten yoga enthusiasts about some Dos and Don’ts related to Yoga. Take a look –


1. It’s more beneficial if you practice yoga early morning. Evening time is also fine but doing yoga post meal times is not recommended. The basic rule is to practice yoga empty stomach.
2. Try to do Yoga outdoors as inhaling fresh air during asanas and pranayama would do wonders to your body and mind. For people living in cities, doing yoga outdoors could be a challenge so they can do it in a spacious well-ventilated room.
3. It is better to do yoga on a mat or carpet or blanket. Doing asanas like headstand on the cemented floor could be dangerous; so avoid them.
4. Begin yoga practice with pranayama and stretching; end the yoga session with meditation.


1. Do not practice yoga in a hurry. Yoga is not about holding on; it is about letting go of all fears and anxiety so never ever do asanas in a hurry because Yoga is different from gym exercises.
2. Do not force your body to stretch or do any posture against your body’s will. Follow the rhythm of your body and reach the level of perfection slowly.
3. Do not practice tough asanas or postures without expert guidance. If you do it wrong you might end up hurting your muscles or getting a sprain.
4. Do not take shower immediately after yoga practice. Make sure you give your body time to warm up and cool down.
Yoga is both an art as well as science. It is always better to take an expert consultation while practicing yoga. You can email us your doubts and questions about yoga practice at…..
Expert Yoga trainers of Ayuskama Rishikesh are always ready to help you in learning and mastering Yoga.

07 Feb 2018

Being Healthy is the new Trendy

Junk food in dinner; late night parties; waking up with hangover and headache; gaining weight and losing health – these are some of the clichéd problems of today’s high-income group youth and middle-aged ones.
But wise are not those who spend on partying every day and then pay for hospital bills as well. Wise are those who invest their time and resources in their health; with Yoga and Ayurveda. Simply because being healthy is the new cool.
First of all, staying healthy is a habit you need to cultivate. It is a commitment to yourself which includes not just doing some form of exercise or visiting the gym but also eating healthy food and being positive within. In simple words, all you need is a little time every day to practice Yoga and Ayurveda.
Ayurveda is a science of life which tells what is good and what is not for a healthy life. It is one of the richest sciences that aim to cure the diseases and problems from within. It also tells us how to use foods, herbs, medicines, surgical procedures and other natural resources for staying healthy.
Yoga is a body and mind practice whereby one can achieve fitness as well as happiness by combining physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation. For emotional health, a person can practice Chakra Balancing which is based on using asanas to free energy. So if you are experiencing physical, mental, or emotional imbalances in life gauged through symptoms like anxiety, lethargy, or poor digestion; Chakra balancing can help you immensely.
So one can gain huge benefits with Yoga, Ayurveda, and Panchakarma because all these traditional techniques help you to balance & transform yourself naturally.
And you would be amazed to notice that one in every four persons is turning health conscious by choosing healthy food, practicing naturopathy or meditation, limiting social media or doing yoga. So if you are also one such person, Ayuskama Rishikesh is the place which offers you the best courses and teachers training programs on Yoga, Ayurveda and Panchakarma.
Situated on the banks of the mighty Ganga River surrounded by towering forested ridgelines, Ayuskama Rishikesh is your gateway to good health.

31 Jan 2018

Got lesser time? How about enrolling for 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training!

Yoga is everyone’s passion; considering the stress and sedative lifestyle, Yoga is more a necessity than a luxury. The result is – everyone is enthusiastic about learning Yoga. But what stops people is time shortage! What if we tell you about a 100 Hours Yoga Teachers Training course is the very place famous for Yoga!

Yes – you can gain knowledge about various aspects of Yoga through this 100 Hours Yoga Teachers Training course in Rishikesh which is spread over a period of 2 weeks and gives you a chance to learn Asana, Pranayam, Meditation, Kriya, Jaap (Chanting) and Adhyan (Study). The course also focuses on Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Lifestyle, Ethics of Yoga Teacher, Demonstration skills and Teaching methodology among other things. And the best part is – this is a certificate course recognized by Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International.

The course is offered by the trusted and expert team of Ayuskama Rishikesh which is known for introducing yoga enthusiasts, both learners as well as trainees, to a completely fresh feel of yoga. Ayuskama Rishikesh is known for its highly knowledgeable yoga masters who are spreading awareness about the basics of Yoga including human anatomy, yoga philosophy, yoga traditions, different types of yoga and their differentiation.

100-hours of Yoga Teachers Training is a big benefit for an ordinary man as well since they can gain knowledge about how yoga is beneficial in controlling the mind and body and ultimately resulting in leading a harmonious life.

What makes this course truly wonderful is it’s the universal appeal. Both beginners and expert practitioners can gain immensely with this 100 hours course. For expert professionals, this course is a step forward in the career as they will get to learn how to impart teaching and training in yoga, making people follow the instructions and enjoying different postures.

The course has won appreciations and recommendations of yoga experts as it has helped numerous people in contributing to people’s health and wellness by becoming a Yoga Teacher with competent skills and knowledge base.

For those interested in going deeper about yoga concepts, Ayuskama Rishikesh also offers 200 hours Yoga Teachers Training course as well. Interested ones may drop an email about both the courses at…

24 Jan 2018

Ayurveda Yoga Retreat: Healing with the nature

Vacations to exotic destinations or cosmopolitan cities no longer rejuvenate you; in truth, they tire you all the more. The rush-rush of catching multiple flights; packing and shopping and some more shopping; eating junk food and the struggle to maintain energy and enthusiasm even when you feel drained out… this isn’t a perfect vacation. Let us tell you how you can take a break and come back with all the more energy, good vibes, beautiful memories and empowered as well –

Ayurveda Yoga Retreat – that’s what a perfect vacation is all about!

You wake up and go exploring, learn something new, or simply enjoy the scenic beauty of Rishikesh and do nothing. In an Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat, you not only get to work on your body but also get ample ‘Me-Time’ to balance your mind and connect with the soul. Such retreats come in one or two-week packages and help you gain a good knowledge of ancient art and science of life, Ayurveda as well as Yoga.

At Ayuskama Rishikesh, India’s leading Ayurveda and Yoga institution, everyone is welcome to join such retreats. One doesn’t need to be a Yoga expert or Vaidya to join these retreats. Ayuskama Rishikesh gladly welcomes all, ranging from the absolute beginner to the daily practitioner of Yoga. Plus, such retreats are not about pressure or rush or hurried vacations!

Here, you are free to explore what your body desires and marinate in the healthy calmness of the ambiance. You get to know a lot about natural and holistic healing treatments through an Ayurveda & Yoga retreat as it comprises of authentic Yoga sessions, knowledge of Ayurveda, Panchakarma treatments, Ayurvedic & Sattavic food, and traditional lifestyle. In a way, it is the easiest way to address the pain in your joints and muscles and do away with the negativity or stress which has built up within owing to the rat-race of life and money.

Imagine you land in the retreat tired and tense because of so many challenges of life; and after two weeks, a rejuvenated, happier, calmer and fitter you walk out.

Isn’t this the best way of having a vacation?

If you are interested in gifting yourself or a family member such kind of vacation, you can check out the dates and availability at

12 Jan 2018

Know About Panchakarma ( Natural Detox )











Panchakarma, as the name implies, is about 5 therapeutic procedures that are meant to detoxify your body. So whether the culprit is your sadistic lifestyle or junk food love or too much work stress; whatever toxins you have accumulated in your body, you can get rid of them all with Panchakarma. Isn’t it a good and comforting way to feel hale and hearty? Yes, it certainly is. Let us tell you a few more amazing things about Panchakarma –

1. Panchakarma is a tailor-made treatment where the expert Vaid will recommend you
different treatment and concoctions based on Nadi Pariksha and your body Prakriti.
Panchakarma does not follow ‘One size fits all’ approach.
2. Abhyangam (body massage with Ayurvedic oil), Swedanam (causing sweating) and
Shirodhara (pouring medicated oil or concoctions over the head) are ancillary
procedures of Panchakarma which are commonly mistaken as main procedures.
3. In case, a person is suffering from some chronic disease, Panchakarma treatment alone
will not suffice. Panchakarma therapies cleanse the body and get rid of toxins thus
making the body more receptive to Ayurvedic medicines.
4. Therapies like Vamana and Nasya bring a balance in case of Kapha dosha while Virechan
and Raktamokshana are recommended when the body has Pitta imbalance.
5. Raktamokshana is one of the lesser known Panchakarma therapies whereby therapeutic
withdrawal of blood is done to remove excess pitta-related ama from the blood. This is
very beneficial to treat skin or hair disorder.
6. Of all the Panchakarma therapies, Basti is considered the most powerful as it aims to
purify and rejuvenate the colon. Ayurveda focuses on the importance of colon as it
plays an important role in the absorption of nutrients.
7. Basti is very different from Enemas as it also nourishes the tissues and removes toxins
while Enema only cleanses the colon.
8. For availing the maximum benefit of Panchakarma, it is advised to take the treatment
for at least two weeks or maximum for a period of 40 days.

9. Panchakarma gives holistic benefits when you spend some time on doing meditation
and yoga in the days you take Panchakarma treatment.
10. When done under expert supervision, Panchakarma treatments also strengthen you
emotionally and intellectually.
In case you wish to know more about Panchakarma or enroll for the best Panchakarma
the training program in Rishikesh, you can enroll with Ayuskama Rishikesh, the most trusted
name in Yoga and Ayurveda training in Rishikesh.

03 Jan 2018

Rejuvenate Yourself with Yoga


Almost everyone makes fitness and health their New Year resolution. Only a few, say 5% of the people actually follow it. If you are also serious about discovering health and fitness in 2018, let we introduce you to Yoga and clear the myths that most of you carry in your mind about Yoga –

What makes Yoga the best form of fitness? Well, you may Google about it and find millions of websites answering your question. There is no denying the fact that Yoga is a complete science that helps you stay physically fit, active and emotionally strong as well. In fact, Yoga works not just at body level but also at mind and soul level also. That’s why, the team of Ayuskama Rishikesh says – “You are as young as flexible your spine in.”

Let us first clarify the myth that Yoga is slow or boring where one has to focus on breathing or hold the postures and just do a lot of stretching.

In fact, there is so much rush and pressure in everything we do that Yoga comes as a whiff of fresh air. “No rush. No Pressure.” This is what Yoga is all about. You are not doing any aasana to show off or in a hurry or to reach a milestone. Yoga is just like the flow of life where you gradually and gracefully enjoy being in the moment.

Another myth in people’s mind is that a man cannot have a muscular body with Yoga. All your assumptions will fall flat when you start practicing it. You will realize there is nothing better for one’s body, mind as well as soul other than Yoga. And talking about breathing exercise, which other form of fitness gives you a moment to cherish the breath you take and fill yourself with gratitude!

People all over the world are falling in love with Yoga because it is so extesive and so beautiful that you can never get bored or even tired doing it! Look around, the plants and animals you see – would you believe there is a yoga posture for every animal’s unique aspect. You can learn to balance yourself like a tree; you can learn to have your spinal exercises like cow or cat… and in case you wish to experience such natural amazingness, browse the various Yoga training courses at Ayuskama Rishikesh.

This would be your best gift to yourself in 2018.

02 Jan 2018

Popularity of Marma Therapy all across the world


You might not be aware but the world around has fallen in love with Marma therapy and for all the valid reasons. Marma Therapy is one branch of Ayurveda which facilitates in balancing the prana energy & removing the blockage of energy in your body. This therapy is gaining popularity all across the world because it focuses on vital points in the body which are considered to be access points to body, mind, and consciousness.

In fact, Marma therapy is one of the ancient Indian practices which aid in healing by manipulation of subtle energy (prana) in the body. Marma Therapy is a gentle treatment which gives a person an opportunity to experience powerful and dynamic transformation at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level by building a positive link with the unconscious mind.

You would be amazed to know that Marma Therapy doesn’t just work on your physical body; it helps you connect within and even restores the confidence by reinforcing positive thinking and building a positive attitude. That’s why people facing challenges with their mind and thoughts benefit maximum from Marma Therapy. Marma therapy is known for giving excellent results to tackle nervous system disorders, headaches and migraines, general aging problems, anxiety and depression, stress response, fears and phobias, confusion, memory loss and mental focus and to people who often complain of low energy and fatigue.

Marma therapy is also beneficial to address muscular and joint pain, frozen joints, muscular strain and health problems relating to respiratory conditions, digestion etc. The best thing about Marma Therapy is that it doesn’t take ages for a person to learn it. Even a short-term course from experts of Ayurveda can give you an idea on how to practice Marma Therapy.

Ayuskama Rishikesh offers an exclusive Marma Therapy course which will help you to understand the Basic principles of Ayurveda, perform Body constitution examination and even determine appropriate massage therapies for common health concerns and knowledge of common massage oils.

Through this program, you will come to know about Marma (107 Vital points) of human body, about chakaras, nadi & prana along with some practical session of Marma therapy.

To know details of this program, starting dates and course fee… visit link

19 Dec 2017

7 incredible benefits of Sun Salutation


There has to be a reason why the world has fallen in love with Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar. Well, for one it is a complete fitness regime in itself for it includes a series of flexion and extension postures that do wonders to your body. Secondly, Surya Namaskar is done in coordination with the breathe. So when you bend backward, you inhale deeply and exhale when you bend forward or extend your body. This series of coordinated movement along with nasal inhale and exhale can give you immense health benefits which include strengthening your body, toning your abdominal muscles, improving digestion, increasing flexibility and keep you young and vibrant.

But not many people know about a few more incredible benefits of Surya Namaskar which are –

  1. All your lifestyle diseases ranging from High blood pressure to Diabetes to Thyroid can be cured if you practice Sun Salutation daily for 108 times.
  2. Surya Namaskar is more effective for losing weight than an ordinary gym routine. This series of 12 postures is so scientifically designed that it works on all your body parts giving you a toned chiselled look with continued practice.
  3. Due to constant inhaling and exhaling, Surya Namaskar does wonders to strengthen your nervous system. In fact, yoga and Ayurveda experts recommend Surya Namaskar to prevent memory loss and enhance focus and concentration.
  4. Sun Salutation improves sexual functions of the body and is extremely beneficial for women who experience strong menstrual cramps.
  5. From Stress to Happiness… within minutes! Yes, Sun Salutation helps to release toxins from the body and thus calms the mind. It is the best way to connect within.
  6. Surya Namaskar is a process to harness the solar energy within your body so one can expect some amazing benefits like increase in youthful buoyancy, enhanced stamina and increased charm with continued practice.
  7. Your immunity level goes up when you practice Sun Salutation regularly. Common cold and cough would not bother your body anymore. It is extremely beneficial for short-heighted children as well.

This must have given you a big motivation to learn Sun Salutation. In case you are looking for more reasons, take a look at Ayuskama Rishikesh courses and experiences of people. You will also wish to learn Sun Salutation from experts of Ayuskama Rishikesh amid lush greenery and beauty of Himalayas.

27 Nov 2017

5 effective tips for Yoga beginners

Importance of ayurveda












The key to master any art or science is to begin very first. This article is a must-read if you
aspire to learn and reach expert level in Yoga. The team of Ayuskama Rishikesh shares most
effective tips that will help yoga beginners a lot –

1. Try to set a particular time for Yoga practice – For the busy bees of today’s
world, setting one particular time is difficult. But to sustain Yoga practice in long
run, you must set aside a particular time every day. Start with 30 minutes and
increase the time to at least an hour daily. Having a ‘Me-Morning’ is the best way
to commit yourself to Yoga. You can give your day a perfect start doing yoga in
the morning.
2. Space does matter – People say you can practice yoga even in your room. Well,
try practicing yoga in an open space, in your home garden or a nearby park
where you can inhale fresh air. You will notice the difference in your energy level
when you choose a cleaner and greener space to practice yoga.
3. Bending takes time – Most of the people feel disheartened initially as they are
not that flexible. They feel Yoga is not for them as they find it difficult to touch
their toes or bend backwards or go flat. Remember, body takes time but
eventually it does flow with the rhythm. So even the most rigid bodies become
flexible with regular yoga practice. Keep doing yoga, and more yoga if you wish
to achieve supreme flexibility.
4. Mark 1 new aasana for each day – Use your personal diary or a Smartphone to
write 1 new aasana which you will practice every day. Do not continue to repeat
same aasans. Make sure you try out new. You can always Google or check our
website to find what new aasanas you can practice at home.
5. Breathe yourself to good health – Yoga is the only fitness form which impacts at
all levels – body, mind and soul. It is important to follow up your daily Yoga
sessions with breathing exercises which will not only detoxify your system but
also cleanse your mind of baseless negativity and worries.

If you are an enthusiastic yoga practitioner and wish to master this traditional art, you can
join special Yoga courses offered by Ayuskama Rishikesh. To know more details about these
courses and yoga sessions, click