Ayurveda Panchakarma And Yoga Course In Rishikesh

Here we are providing you Ayurveda Online Abhyangam Massage course (traditional Ayurveda massage),learn Ayyurveda massage in an authentic way, it can be studied in your own place ie at your own place. In this course you will study full body Ayurveda massage like head  massage, neck & shoulder massage, leg & feet massage, back massage, face massage etc. Abhyangam is one the balancing therapy to balance of your dosha. We can use as a part of therapy or we can do self massage as a part of Ayurveda lifestyle.  Simply do as well as can be expected dependent on the information you gained from this course as a component of your 5 practicum requirements.

Online Ayurveda Abhyangam Massage Course

Ayurveda Abhyangam Is Traditional Ayurveda Oil Massage: Ayurveda massage is based on each individual’s body type. The practitioner uses specific oils to stimulate subtle energy points throughout the body. Ayurved massage is turning into a standard on probably the most first part of Panchakarma therapy.

Benefits Of Ayurveda Abhyangam Massage.

  • Abhyangam stimulates organs,energy point and increase blood circulation.
  • Abhyangam nourishes the body.
  • Benefits sleep patterns
  • Decreases the effects of aging.
  • Produces softness of skin,strength and color to the body.
  • Reduces mental or body stress,Normalizes heart rate,Blood pressure.
  • Helpful in condition of hypertension and Anxiety.
  • Give relax  to mind and heal muscles.


Requirements for Ayurveda abhyangam 

1.Droni/ pathi (massage table)

2.Plain or Medicated oil(According doshas) [Common oil for everyone Sesame oil]

3.facility for heat up oil.


Applying oil :To be begin with client is undressed.asked to lie down in supine position on the Abhyangam table.oil is heated make lukewarm whole body from scalp to soles,then client will be treated with one or two or more  professional therapists who will perform massages in particular sequence that will give relax body.

Duration Of Abhyangam

Procedure of Abhyangam completes with in one hour.If two therapists are involved in the procedure then the abhyangam  may be conveniently completed in half an hour.

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Contraindication Or Precaution

  1. After meal and suffering from indigestion.
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Fever,painful and inflammatory ,certain surgery condition.
  4. Abhyangam is avoided or performed gently if the client has any tender point.
  • Online Massage Course Fees
    OVERVIEW: Learn Ayurveda Online Abyangama Massage course
    COURSE FEE: $90

Online Massage Course Video Schedule

  • Online Lesson1. The History of Ayurveda
  • Online Lesson2. The foundations & basic principle of Ayurveda
  • Online Lesson3. Introduction to Abhyangam massage
  • Online Lesson4. Comman Ayurveda oil for massage
  • Online Lesson5. How to do the preparation for the massage
  • Online Lesson6. Abhyangam massage step 1. Shiro Abyahngam (head massage)
  • Online Lesson7. Abhyangam massage step 2: Griva Abhyangam ( neck & shoulder sesion)
  • Online Lesson8. Abhyangam massage step 3: Mukha Abyangam (face massage)
  • Online Lesson9. Abhyangam massage step 4: Uro Abyangam ( Abdomen, chest ,arm & shoulder massage)
  • Online Lesson10. Abhyangam massage step 5: Pado Abyangam (leg & feet massage)
  • Online Lesson11. Abhyangam massage step 6: Kati Abyangam ( back massage)
  • Online Lesson12.Complete Abhyangam Massage practice
  • Online Lesson13. Certificate and Farewell