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Traditional Ayurveda Massage(Abhyangam) Certification Course:

Ayurveda has been our passion and we have have been teaching Ayurveda and its Principles  to keep our ancient methods which can help the society by giving knowledge and Practice to the next generation of Ayurveda Enthusiast. We conduct regular workshops and intensive training courses which certification are Valid Globally,

Ayurveda Massage Course is the Program you need to look at if your planning to Open Ayurveda massage center or join in as massage therapist..We Provide in-Depth knowledge of the Oils to be used, Points and Process of how the Massage would be done and various Other important Principle Of Ayurveda massage.


Eligibility: No prior Ayurvedic knowledge required.

Duration: One week (six days a week) Two & half hr class.

Tution Fee:   10500 INR( without food & accommodation)
19000 INR (with food & accommodation) prior booking


This program enables you to :

  • Understand the Basic principles of Ayurveda
  • Perform Body constitution examination
  • Determine appropriate massage therapies for common health concerns and knowledge of common massage oils.
  • Perform Abhyanga (Ayurveda oil massage)
  • Perform shiro abhyangam (head Massage)
  • Perform padho abhyangam( foot massage)
  • Perform mukha Abhyangam( face massage)
  • Knowledge of the common Ayurveda oils.

Ayurveda massage has Evolved itself over a Period of time and has changed how one Perceives its Health benefits.Its Good to get a Ayurveda Massage Done in intervals as it removes Toxins,Stress & Anxiety.It is the Most Natural and Powerful way of relaxing the body.


Pre-Booking of the Courses In mandatory as it help us in Organizing Your stay and planning our Batches which does not affect your travel schedule.




Live date for this course:
11th Sept

  • 2nd Oct
  • 9th Oct
  • 16th Oct
  • 23rd Oct
  • 30th Oct
  • 6th Nov
  • 13th Nov
  • 20th Nov
  • 27th Nov
  • 4th Dec
  • 11th Dec
  • 18th Dec
  • 25th Dec



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